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I have had the good fortune of being managed and mentored by a few exemplary leaders who helped me to recognize and develop my unique talents, and articulate and realize my aspirations. They had such a transformative impact on both my professional and personal life that I can't imagine anything more rewarding than playing the same role for others.

I have more than 20 years of experience partnering with Fortune 500 companies, Federal agencies, municipalities and community colleges to design and build innovative


training programs to address talent and diversity gaps. My success was largely due to my ability to help leaders gain a different perspective on their talent challenges and embrace solutions that not only broke stereotypes but also enriched their organizations.  

As a Co-Active Coach, I have the opportunity to give what I received by helping people to identify and use their unique voice and talents to find their flow  doing the work that they love in a way that is consistent with their values and brings them joy. 

Autumn has deep experience with human capital initiatives. Early in her career, as a third party consultant, she spearheaded organizational health checks, gathering data from employee engagement surveys to create targeted recruitment, retention and succession plans. Over the next fifteen years, as a VP of Key Accounts for Valcourt Building Services, she honed her sales, project management and customer service skills, partnering with C-suite executives on a wide range of capital improvement projects.  A skilled trainer, she has delivered dozens of workshops on performance improvement, conflict management and team effectiveness.



Open to ambiguity and new experiences, Autumn’s curiosity drives her to understand the needs of people and organizations and deliver thoughtful, creative solutions.  As a talent advisor, her business acumen enables her to provide clients with valuable insights and a roadmap to meet the unique needs of the organization and its employees.


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Catherine helps companies design and implement organizational changes to advance equitable processes and structures so they can unlock the potential of their people and services.  She embeds human-centered design, engaging facilitation, and systems thinking into all of her work.


Catherine believes making things 1% better regularly creates lasting change. She also believes in the power of active listening, interdisciplinary approaches, and experimental design to move organizations and individuals forward.




Paul is a visionary thinker and dynamic problem solver with a passion for unraveling complex challenges. Paul sees problems as pieces of a larger puzzle. This holistic

perspective allows him to grasp the interconnections

between various elements, making him adept at addressing multifaceted challenges.


Collaboration is Paul's forte. He thrives in diverse teams, leveraging the expertise of others and fostering an environment of collective intelligence. Empathy is at the core of his approach, enabling him to understand different viewpoints and create inclusive solutions.

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"Hamid is an exceptional coach, mentor, and colleague. He takes time to build meaningful, personal connections with everyone in his orbit which enables him to empower and guide those around him in ways they often do not see clearly themselves. Hamid's ability to understand what motivates and energizes others allows him to serve as a strong manager, team leader and individual coach. I have personally benefited from his coaching and leadership and have seen his impact on dozens of colleagues."


"Using a variety of tools and resources, Hamid helped me to re-discover my passions and my full potential by helping me to better understand my innate "wiring", unique talents, and the values that are most important to me in my work and life in general.  With just the right balance of tough love and empathy, he guided me to a place of believing that my most fulfilling work lies ahead.  His infectious optimism and enthusiasm will stay with me for a long time, and I now have a great set of tools to help me stay focused on what matters most in my life.  "


"I admire Hamid's candor and authentic leadership. During our executive coaching sessions, he created a specific framework that incorporated concepts that both challenged and reinforced my leadership style and long-held assumptions. This coaching has truly been beneficial and has helped me to recognize the importance of life-long learning both professionally and personally."


"While being thoughtful and supportive, Hamid is not afraid to ask you the hard questions. He pushes you to do the work of self-reflection; his questions get you to the root causes and help to provide a new perspective, leading to intentional growth and development.


Hamid has a great balance of intentional focus, while also adding levity and fun. As a result of his coaching, I have gained confidence and tools to better lead teams and to develop and execute strategy."


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